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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know PeekPea creations are safe for my baby?
PeekPea undergoes strict safety testing on all it leather and finished creations. At all times PeekPea has updated documents proving that our leather does not contain items like/not limited to Chromium 6, lead, formaldehyde's or any such harmful chemicals. Our testing proves that our product complies with worldwide safety standards. PeekPea believes that your child's safety is top priority! We will always take drastic measures to have peace of mind when it comes to our handcrafted creations for your little one!
Do PeekPea bibs stain?
No, if you follow the care instructions we guarantee that it will not stain.
Can you adjust the size of the neck?
You bet! I stitch magnets in each bib that you can adjust by simply pinching the magnets in or out to custom size each bib. This is great so your bib will last longer as your little one grows!
Can I change the colors of the bibs designs?
Yes you can under customize. You can choose the colors of each side. You can also choose every color in the design. I.e.: You want a yellow frog or a red and blue train. Just place your comments under the Notes section. There is a small charge of $6.95 for this feature.
What does customizing cost?
There is a charge of $6.95 to change colors within the design. If you choose to add a name the charge is $12.95. This includes a name up to 10 letters in length. You also have an option to add a second name or design for $9.95 too!
Can I have two designs on my bib?
Yes, I can create a double sided custom bib for you. I charge an additional $9.95 for the second design.
I live locally in Grande Prairie, can I come to PeekPea to pick up my order to avoid shipping costs?
No, PeekPea is a home based business that does not accept local pick up at my residence. The reason for this is PeekPea has great local retailers that carry my product and I will not directly compete with them. If you do not find a style or size at one of my retailers or you need a custom creation then please feel free to place an order online. There is virtually no price difference even with paying the shipping as my website costs are lower.
What if I am in a rush for an order, can I then pick it up locally?
This is the only exception in terms of pick-up. PeekPea allows local pick up only on rush orders. You still pay the shipping cost; this cost then acts as a rush fee, no exceptions.
What is your return policy?
You have 30 days to return or exchange an unused item with your original receipt. If you have purchased a PeekPea bib from a boutique then you must return your bib at this retailer and follow their return policy. There are no exceptions.
Can I exchange a custom bib?
No, all custom orders are final sales.
How long will a custom order take before shipped?
Once payment is received for a custom order it will be shipped within 3-5 business days.
If there should be any delays you will be contacted by email.

How do I pay?
You can pay through paypal. I will also accept email interact transfers if you bank online. If neither of these are options for you I will accept a money order mailed to
10925 67 ave
Grande Prairie, AB
T8W 2W3

Once I receive payment your order is shipped.

What if I do not have a paypal account?
You do not need a paypal account to pay through their service. When you check out you will be guided through their service and can pay by credit card.
What if I want to send it as a gift?
No problem, just give us the name, address, city, and postal code under additional information and we will be glad to ship it to that address.
How is my order packaged?
Each bib or pair of shoes is placed in a plastic cover and will be placed inside a self sealing rigid envelope.
Do you sell wholesale?
No, at this time PeekPea is a small company which prides itself on quality handcrafted bibs. I do not mass produce my product therefore wholesale quantities are unavailable. If you are a retailer please contact us for further information as I do offer a retailers discount.
What currency is accepted?
Canadian dollars.

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