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PeekPea – The ONLY Bib You Need!™

Get the Quality You Deserve for Your Babies

PeekPea – The ONLY Bib You Need!™

Get the Quality You Deserve for Your Babies

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Local Alberta Bibs


As a mom I understand how busy life gets. This is why I have dedicated my time to hand making quality leather bibs that last through spaghetti, blueberries, birthday cake and even those pukey moments. Here are some of the aspects of the bib to make it easy to clean, quickly pack away and durable:

  • Handcrafted by Lindsay Groeneveld in Alberta, Canada 
  • 100% genuine leather - Always soft against your baby’s skin!
  • Easy to clean; simply wipe with a damp cloth or baby wipe
  • 100%  reversible design
  • Longer and wider design compared to other bibs
  • Unique reversible food catching pouch
  • Magnets allow a custom fit by pinching them in or out within the pocket
  • All materials used are stain resistant
  • Many unique designs and customizing available
  • Each bib folds into their own catch pouch for easy diaper bag storage

Meet Me!

Want to get a feel for what you are buying? I am at local Alberta markets all the time and would love for you to see these products in person. 

I currently have no markets coming up but keep posted for the New Year!

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Download Bib Care Sheet

Leather Bib Care Sheet (pdf)